Frequently Asked Wedding Photography Questions

During our many years photographing both engagements and weddings, a lot of our future bride and grooms have asked many of the same questions when we meet.  This page is meant to answer many of those questions we continually receive from couples.  This page isn’t meant to have the answer to every question, so if you’d like to ask us your own question you can contact us here.

Who will be our photographers?

It kinda depends.  If you book McCormick Photography, Megan McCormick will be the primary photographer.  If you choose that StudioM2 is a better fit then you will be in the capable hands of one of our few StudioM2 photographers.  Regardless of which studio you choose, you will work directly with Megan McCormick throughout the process from the initial consultation to the final delivery.

Do you offer engagement session?

OF COURSE! The engagement sessions are not only great to help you get comfortable working with a professional photographer but also provide amazing diversity in the images for your home.


What kind of packages do you offer?

We have built our packages from experience of understand what clients are looking for.  They are designed to have everything you need, including an album meant to become your families first heirloom.

Do you offer wedding albums?

ABSOLUTELY!  A beautiful hand crafted album, delivered to our clients hands has become one of the most satisfying part of the entire process for us.  We take so much pride in the design and creation of your album we know it will be a source of pride for your family.


Why should we choose you?

The mission of our studio has always been to create the environment that would allow us to deliver an unmatched experience, with outstanding story telling and a level of service we feel our clients deserve for such an important day in their lives.  All of our staff are passionate about telling your unique story with this mixture of stylish and classic imagery which has become a staple of our studio.  If you’re moved by our work and looking for the type of art in your families home that will set you apart from your family and friends, then we are the studio for you!

What is your pricing?

We get it!  A lot of people want to be able to visit a photographers website and see full pricing menu and packages.  Our experience has taught us that simply putting a bulleted list online creates a lot of questions and doesn’t really answer that many questions.  Our South Western, Ontario wedding collections start at $2495 (or $1500 with StudioM2).  We would invite you to get in touch with us so we can have a meeting, learn about what you’re looking for in a wedding photographer, and walk you through our collections.

Do you generally come to the rehearsal?

While rehearsal dinner coverage is available as an add-on, it’s not included in any of our base collections.  Our collections are based on those things clients ask for most so we only offer it as an add on to our collections.

Do you photograph details and family group photos?

YES! Brides and grooms choose our studios because they want to have their wedding day documented and that wouldn’t be the same without amazing details and family photography.  While our studio has been known for our elite images we capture every image you might expect from your wedding photographer.  With that in mind, the goal of our studio is to go far beyond your exceptions and deliver you large images to become art inside of your home.


Do you offer digital negatives?

FOR SURE!  These aren’t just burned onto a CD with the sharpie marker.  All of our digital negatives are delivered on custom USB drives that become a family keepsake.

Do you travel?

Not only do we travel, we love to travel! We offer two different travel photography packages.  If you join us at a listed “Destination Photography Session”, you simple meet us there.  If you’re interested in having us travel for you or your wedding we have the easiest to understand packages but require our travel to be covered at the couples expense.


Can we make an appointment to meet with you?

YES! We have found that the most meaningful images for the couple comes from collaboration between our studio and them.  This is just one of the many reasons why we would never accept a clients wedding without first being able to sit and talk with them about what they’re looking for and what’s important on their wedding day.  We have been so fortunate to develop bonds with our clients that extend far beyond their wedding day and call some true friends.  This meeting also gives us an opportunity to show you how we have separated our studio from other photographers in the area and our dedication to creating an experience for our clients.  We absolutely love what we’re able to do everyday and our meeting is the first opportunity for us to share that excitement with you.

But we are from out of town. What do we do?

No problem! We’d love to meet face to face, but we know that’s not always possible.  If we can’t find a time to meet we can talk over Skype and see if we’re a good fit together.


Should I give you a shot list?

A lot of clients take the time to complete these shot lists.  Our experience has led us to know the photographs that become important to the couple.  With that being said, we want to know about everything special that you would like photographed.  Any photograph that we might not have known would be important for you.

How do we hire you?

In order to secure your date we require a signed agreement and a non-refundable deposit of $500.  We reserve all of our wedding dates on a first come-first serve basis and accept only a limited number of weddings per year.  As our demand has grown we have been known to book some weddings up to two years in advance.


Do you have insurance?

Of course we do! Should your venue requires a certificate of liability we can gladly get it to them.  Just let us know.

What kind of equipment do you use?

We use top of the line Canon professional equipment.  All of our cameras, lenses, and lighting have extensive backups as well, just incase.


Still have questions?  Let’s talk! You can contact our studio via our website and we will be in touch very soon with an answer.

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