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Any Guelph wedding photographer would love the opportunity to work with amazing brides and grooms like when we photographed the Guelph wedding of Shannon & Mike. We actually first met these two back in 2014 when we attended the Royal Wedding Show at The Hanlon Convention Centre and we’ve been looking forward to their wedding day ever since. Back in 2015 we had the opportunity to photograph the engagement of the couple and the elite image we created for them has been one of our most talked about photographs ever since. The wedding itself took place at Strom’s Farm on the outskirts of Guelph. From there we were able to capture a few images at Royal City Jaycees Park just a few moments before a massive hail storm. The ceremony was luckily just a few steps away at the Guelph Legion.


Shannon was dragged to a party by one of her friends. This party happened to be in Mike’s basement. Mike was under the influence of “fun”. After that party, Mike just happened to continue bumping into Shannon and her friend. Finally he was able convince. Shannon to go out with him…. Throwing popcorn at the movies, captured her heart.


After Mike traveled back and forth from Brantford, to visit Shannon at school for five years, she knew she probably had to marry him. It was quite a commitment. Mike knew Shannon was a keeper after she took him mudding with her four wheelers.


Shannon, had picked the ring and had been hinting for months. Mike bought the ring, asked her mom and proposed all in the same day. There was snow on the ground, and he took her to a park, made her walk through the snow with dress shoes and started talking about ducks because he was so nervous. Luckily he pulled himself together and said some really nice things.


One thing I love about Mike is: he likes to talk baby talk to animals and will lye on the ground playing with them for hours. One thing I love about Shannon is: that she is always willing to go anywhere and do anything, no matter how outrageous my idea is.

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