Kitchener Wedding Photography

McCormick Photography is a leading Kitchener photography studio as passionate about capturing breathtaking imagery as we are about creating a world-class experience for the bride and groom. Our photographers are dedicated to capturing the love between any two people ready to say “I do” and we LOVE the once in a lifetime opportunity to capture imagery for our clients.


If you’re one of the very few couples engaged in Kitchener, Ontario, the two of you are already special. Out of the 204 000 residents so few are lucky enough to find love and even fewer have made it past the proposal and are preparing for their wedding day. As an award-winning photography studio based in nearby Guelph, Megan McCormick (Owner & Lead Photographer, McCormick Photography) knows the time and energy that goes into planning your wedding. This experience and talent have allowed her to gain experience working with clients on selecting engagement photography locations in Kitchener, recommending wedding vendors, and selecting an incredible venue for the reception.

As a leading wedding photographer in Kitchener-Waterloo, Megan has been published in international publications for her wedding portraits and won countless awards both based on her art talent and for her keen business sense. She’s a highly sought-after destination photographer who has photographed weddings all around the world.

Henry and Kim at Victoria Park in Kitchener, Ontario.
Jenna and Thomas in front of Gore Mutual in Kitchener, Ontario.

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Kitchener Wedding Venues

After capturing so many weddings in Kitchener, we’ve photographed at almost every venue in the city such as The Museum, Hacienda Sarria and even City Hall. When you’re selecting the perfect wedding venue, here are three tips:

• Exterior Beauty: A great venue on your wedding day should have a photogenic exterior that matches the look you’re after for your wedding photos. This will help, especially when you’re crunched for time, to be able to step outside for some creative photographs. Also important to remember if you wanted a sunset photograph on your wedding day.
• Food Options: As your family and friends enjoy the big day, the time will come when they’re hungry and ready to eat. A great venue will provide dietary options and a variety of food which matches the needs of you and your guests. This is super important to mention when you meet with the venue.
• Consider all of the Fees: The plate fee is one of the biggest charges (the amount charged per guest per meal) but corking fees, cake cutting fees, and the cost of the bar can easily bring a wedding budget from reasonable to unattainable. Make sure you get a list of all of the fees.

While we love most of the venues in Kitchener, one of the most overlooked venue locations is Victoria Park Pavilion (located at 80 Schneider Ave in Kitchener, Ontario). This venue is a 1920’s style pavilion perfect for weddings of less than 250 guests and Victoria Park makes the perfect backdrop for some of your wedding photographs.  But it doesn’t stop there, we created a full page about amazing Kitchener Wedding Venues you can check out for more information.

Wedding Vendors in Kitchener

Most engaged couples are getting married for the first time, and this means most couples are choosing vendors for their big day based on recommendations, online reviews and vendors used by friends. Our suggestion? Ask your current wedding vendors for recommendations.   They can always provide insight into the vendors they’ve worked with in the past. Regardless of if it is a wedding dress shop, a jeweler, a florist, a cake shop, or DJ, most vendors have people who they’ve worked with in the past and can give an honest review. As for finding the perfect photographer for your Kitchener wedding, that’s an easy choice.

One of the wedding vendors we constantly hear raves from our clients is Sophie’s Gown Shop (located on King Street East in Kitchener). Brides consistently have great things to say about this small boutique gown shop has Kitchener brides to be in it seeking the perfect dress for themselves, the bridesmaids, and mother of the bride.

Engagement Photography in Kitchener

The reality is, most engaged couples in Southwestern Ontario have that “friend” with a camera. That friend, that aspires to be a wedding photographer in Kitchener-Waterloo and would be more than happy to photograph your engagement photos. The reality is a true friend wouldn’t let you jack around with something as important as your engagement photographs. If you’re looking for a chance to fall in line and feel comfortable with your photographer before the wedding day, this is your chance. Not only do engagement sessions allow you to learn how to work with your photographer, it provides much-needed diversity for the artwork for inside your home. You didn’t want every picture hanging on your wall to be of you in a suit and dress, now did you?

We find that engagement photographs are so important, we include the session in all of our wedding packages and when clients choose McCormick Photography to be their engagement photographers the clients only need to make one choice: Where do you want to photograph your engagement? Luckily, there are a dozen great locations in Kitchener including Victoria Park, Hacienda Sarria (permit fees apply), or Bridgeport.

One of my client’s favourite locations is Huron Natural Area (at 801 Trillium Drive in Kitchener, Ontario) for its natural beauty, depth of diversity and year-round trails. If you’re looking for a heavily wooded engagement session, you’ll love Huron Natural Area. One of the many things that make our photography studio unique is that we want you to love your engagement photographs so much that we go to not one, but two, amazing locations. This gives you diversity in your images and makes sure you can express your unique personality in your engagement images.

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Wedding Photography

Every engaged couple in Kitchener wants wedding photographs that are beautiful and showcases the love between the two of them on their wedding day. Our experience photographing weddings has turned us into natural experts on your wedding day. This experience means you can rely on us for the best possible wedding images. While creating amazing images starts with the guidance and tips we provide on your engagement session, your wedding photographs will be how you share your special day with everyone who couldn’t be there. In Kitchener, couples trust us with their photographs by providing planning (we can provide amazing wedding photography location ideas in Kitchener months before the big day), tips on posing so that you will love every image, and a level of post-production simply not found with other photographers in the Kitchener-Waterloo area.

A lot of clients fall in love with our Elite Image Collection. These images from are true works of art that will make your friends jealous. Our Elite Images receive extensive editing, some images receive four-five hours of editing to ensure you love your wedding photography images. If you feel your wedding photography deserves this level of care and detail, get in touch with our studio. We will meet with you to discuss your wedding, explain how we approach photography and explain all of our pricing options in detail.

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