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From engagements to weddings to families, McCormick Photography provides a one-of-a-kind boutique photography studio experience and heirloom quality art products that make the memories for you to have for a lifetime. Our photography studio has separated itself from other studios in the Guelph area, by the unique experiences and connections we create for our clients. Our unique approach combines a mix of environmental elements, unique locations, and world-class post production that separate our art pieces from the simple snapshots of other portrait and wedding photographers.

McCormick Photography takes great pride in crafting images that become art you can proudly display inside of your home. With our partnership with professional photographic labs, our studio is able to work with every client to ensure they are getting the perfect picture, printed in the right way, or turned into a fine art album for you to share with your friends. Providing the Guelph area with amazing images and fine art pieces is our passion. If you are a future bride or proud parent, we invite you to contact our studio and let us capture some amazing art for your home. Call us today at 888.302.4462.

  • "We loved every minute of working with Megan and her team.  She is a true artist and her knowledge goes far beyond what you expect from a wedding photographer.  She is a true professional."
    Sarah Mild

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Guelph Mercury Readers Choice Gold Winner, 2015

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At McCormick Photography, we are committed to providing the ultimate photography experience on your special day. With many years of combined wedding industry talent, we understand that a client’s wedding day is one of the most important days of their lives, and we strive to capture memorable images that are creative, dramatic, fashionable, impactful and timeless.

Specializing in wedding and engagement photography, our Guelph-based boutique studio offers a one-of-a-kind customer service experience. By limiting the number of engagements we take on, we can focus on forging essential relationships with our clients and become your partner in chronicling your day. From start to finish, clients work directly with our Megan McCormick, which meets with couples to learn about their unique love stories, shoots each and every wedding and engagement session we book and continues to work one-on-one with clients until their photos and albums are delivered. As visual storytellers, we treat every event with the care and attention it deserves and work tirelessly to tell your personal wedding story in the most compelling way.

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Family Photography Clothing Selection // Five Tips For Better Photographs

1. Compliment clothes, but don’t match exactly what the other family members are wearing. It used to be popular for everyone to wear the same thing but this becomes difficult to show separation between family members.

2. Have some fun with accessories, but stay away from sunglasses and hats. A necklace on a young girl can be perfect but shades and a ball cap will prevent us from seeing your face.

3. Go easy on patterns. Plaid is usually a bad choice but minimal patterns, such as on a scarf, can work nicely in the photographs.

4. Say no to words or large logos. Not only can this be distracting in images, but it can also draw unwanted attention when your shirt isn’t dead on with the camera. Our advice, save the Nike Swoosh for another time.

5. We want you to be yourself, but we also want to see the best version of you. This means if your a tshirt and jeans type of person that’s awesome, but your best shirt and nicest jeans will work best for the images.

Guelph Family Photography Locations

The location of your images can become one of the most important part of your photography. When clients choose our full-service studio, we work with them to select the best locations but here are some suggestions and ideas.

1) Choose a location based on diversity – We generally choose locations that allow enough diversity for us to photograph for at least 45 minutes.

2) Don’t settle for one – Family photography clients who choose to work with our studio photograph at two distinctly different locations to maximize the diversity in the images.

3) Somewhere Sentimental? – Some families have locations or activities that are really meaningful to the family. Maybe it’s playing soccer or hitting the ice on skates, let the photographer know and we can work it into the session.

4) Consider the time of day and light – An urban settings near sunset will appear very different because of shadows then it does at 2 in the afternoon. Also consider that being inside a wooded area is much darker in the images and won’t photograph the same as an empty field.

5) Be original – While some families love going to places they’ve always known, be a little adventurous! Push yourselves to try somewhere new. Your family is original and so should your photography!

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